Tenant Resources

  • If you smell natural gas, see downed power lines, or suspect another emergency situation, leave the area immediately and call 9-1-1. Then, call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000.

  • If there is criminal activity in progress or you would like to report a crime please call 9-1-1 .

  • Earthquake Preparedness Information: Alameda County Resources

  • Emergency Repairs: If your unit has electrical issues, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, leaking water heater, furnace problems or any other major issues which require emergency repairs, you are responsible for contacting a property manager right away either by calling 510.214.3704 or submitting a maintenance request.

  • Non-Emergency Repairs: Upon receipt of a maintenance request we will evaluate the issue, create a work order, and schedule the necessary service for the soonest available appointment.  For further information regarding repairs you can view our Maintenance request policy.



Welcome to your new home! We wish you health and prosperity in ​your new living environment.

  • We recommend and advise you to do a thorough walk-through and inspection of your new living space.  Take as many pictures as possible of any damages you notice.  Send us the pictures and description of any damages you find during your first week of tenancy.  This will ensure that any previous damage will be on record as being present before your tenancy.

  • Please contact the local utilities and switch the services into your name no later then your move-in date.  

  • Service provider contact information and links.

  • With any Cable or Internet install, please consult with the property manager prior to any work being performed.  Please keep in mind that you are responsible for any damages to the unit done by the installers including holes in walls and floors. 

  • We highly recommend that you purchase Renter's Insurance to protect yourself from unexpected events.   You can read more about renters insurance and get a quote any of the following insurance companies:  Allstate​ ;  Geico ; State Farm

  • If you are interested in Security System with Monitoring Service for your home, we recommend SimpliSafe.  They are easy to install and they offer the lowest monthly fee without a contract obligation.

  • Feel free to hang painting and decorate you unit.  You will not be charged for small nail holes and minor touch-up as it is considered normal wear&tear.  If you want to install items requiring structural bolting into walls or any other permanent alterations, please contact property management for written consent beforehand.

  • PROTECT THE FLOORS.  If your unit has hardwood or laminate floors, you will want to protect the floor surface from being scratched and dented by furniture by adhering PROTECTIVE FELT PADS to the feet of your furniture.  Protecting the floors will save you from charges against your security deposit because deep scratches and dents in the wood floors are not normal wear&tear and will need to be repaired.  We can provide felt pads upon request or you can purchase them from most major retailers and amazon.com.

  • Your apartment interior is painted in our standard color (Kelly Moore: 'Pressed Linen' Interior Semi-Gloss) .  Please do not engage in any painting projects other then touch-up in our standard color.  Re-painting the interior or exterior is prohibited and will be considered damage which will incur charges against your security deposit.  

 FORMS (pdf) ​
  • Rent is Due in advance on the 1st day of the Month.

  • Rent must be mailed to:
                Oaktown Properties    360 Grand Ave #54     Oakland CA 94610.

  • We allow a five day grace period before your rent payment is considered late.  If your payment is not received by 4:30 PM on the 5th day of the month, then it is considered late and subject to a late payment fee as stated in your rental agreement. 

  • The five day grace period is a courtesy to accommodate for postal service delays and other unforeseen factors.  The grace period is not extended for any reason.  The  grace period is not extended if the last day of the grace period happens to fall on a Sunday or a Holiday.

  • Late payment fee is calculated as 6% of the monthly rent due.

  • Rent is payable by Personal Check, Standard Money Order, or Bank Cashiers Check made out to “Oaktown Properties”.

  • We highly recommend using your bank's convenient BillPay feature to pay your monthly rent.  BillPay is a free feature as part of every major bank checking account package.  BillPay will send the rent check (free postage) on your behalf at the same time every month.

  • Rent payments are to be paid and tendered by named tenant as per the lease agreement.  Property management will not accept rent payments from any third party at any time for any reason.

  • Please, DO NOT SEND CASH IN THE MAIL; We are not responsible for any mail which is lost or delivered to the wrong address by the postal service.

  • Partial payment of the rent is not accepted.

  • If the rent is not received on-time you may be served with a “Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit” .

  • An additional fee of $250 (to cover the cost of drafting and service) will be charged if we have to serve you with a “Three Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit”.

  • You may request a packet of twelve pre-printed rent payment envelopes from the property manager as needed.  These will be mailed to you free of charge.

  • If you are thinking about using satellite television and internet please consider that you are responsible and liable for any damage done to the property by the satellite dish installer.  In our experience, these service providers and their residential service installers often lack care for the properties they service.  They will drill holes through floors and walls and drive fasteners through roofing membranes which will be considered damages and the costs for removal and repairs will be deducted from your security deposit.  

  • We do not allow Satellite dishes to be installed in multi-unit property common areas including the roof and all exterior surfaces of the property. 

  • We do not allow for Satellite dishes to be installed in a single family property where the installation creates any penetrations into the roof or any exterior surface of the property as these penetrations may lead to water intrusion and serious damage to the property . 

  • For more information regarding satellite dish installation please refer to your lease agreement Satellite Dish Addendum and FCC guidelines and regulations regarding satellite dish installation.  ​

  • If a vehicle is blocking your driveway and you can’t get out, call Oakland Police non-emergency at (510) 777-3333.  An officer will be dispatched to cite and/or tow the vehicle as appropriate.

  • If your rental unit came with an assigned parking space, that space is only for operable and registered vehicles operated by tenants, visitor parking is not allowed.  

  • Washing and repairing of motor vehicles anywhere on the premises is not allowed.

  • To report abandoned vehicles parked on the street for over 72 hours, call the Abandoned Auto Detail at (510) 777-8622.

  •  Damaged, wrecked, or otherwise abandoned vehicles are not allowed to be stored on the premises.

  • Tenants are responsible for keeping their parking space clean of any leaked fluids from their vehicle.

  • Please do not leave anything valuable inside your unattended vehicle.  Property management is not responsible for any damage or loss to your vehicle while it is parked on the premises.

  • Tenants are allowed to ocasionally swap room mates so long as the original number of people allowed per your lease agreement is not exceeded.

  • All new tenants must fill-out a rental application and pay a ($25) application fee.

  • All new tenants must meet the minimum rental criteria (See Leasing Page) for their application to be approved .

  • Once the rental application is approved, the new tenant can be added to the original lease with an addendum to be signed by the New Tenant, Departing Tenant, Remaining Tenants and the Property Manager.

  • The terms of your original lease agreement will not change.

  • The security deposit portion for the departing tenant will NOT be paid by the property manager.  This exchange has to be worked out by the tenants and will not be coordinated by the property manager. 

  • The new tenant should be mindful of the condition of the unit and security deposit because the new tenant is assuming liability for all damages to the rental unit beyond regular wear&tear.

  • The new tenant should get a copy of the original lease and rental unit condition page to verify that he/she is not assuming liability for new damages to the unit.

  • To terminate your lease agreement, you must first provide us with a written and signed 30-DAY NOTICE TO VACATE.

  • You may submit the 30-day notice to vacate further in advance or at any time during the rental period, it does not need to be the 1st of the month.

  • You are responsible for full payment of rent during the period covered by the notice.

  • The 30-day notice gives us time to market and show the rental unit to perspective tenants.

  • As per the lease agreement, we do ask that you keep the unit clean and cooperate with us in showing the unit to perspective tenants.  We do our best to reduce the inconvenience by scheduling showings well in-advance and keeping them short and supervised by an experienced property manager.

  • For additional information please refer to the 'MOVE OUT' Information provided by California Department of Consumer Affairs.

  • Your lease agreement requires that you leave the property clean and in the condition in which you found it when you moved in, subject only to normal wear and tear, as per your Move-In Inventory and Condition Form.

  • You can request an INITIAL inspection before you move-out.   A thorough inspection can only be preformed when the unit is mostly empty and all surfaces can be visually inspected.  A property manager will inspect the rental unit before the tenancy ends to identify defects or conditions that justify deductions from the tenant's security deposit. The purpose of this "initial inspection" is to give the tenant an opportunity to repair the defects or do the cleaning identified during the inspection in order to avoid deductions from the tenant's security deposit. Tenants have the right to be present during the inspection.

  • Based on the initial inspection, the property manager will prepare an itemized statement of repairs or cleaning that the tenant should perform in order to avoid deductions from the tenant's security deposit. The property manager must give the statement to the tenant if the tenant is present for the inspection, or leave it inside the unit if the tenant is not present.

  • We recommend that tenants leave the repairs to the pros.  You may hire a licensed contractor or handyman or leave it to our experienced maintenance employees.   DIY repairs can often end up costing more money to repair.  Paint repairs gone wrong will require time consuming scraping and sanding.  Leave it to the pros who will do the job right the first time, it will be cheaper and less stressful.

  • We do not charge a mandatory cleaning fee.  Tenants are allowed to clean themselves, hire a professional cleaning service, or let us hire a professional service.  We only charge what we are charged by the cleaning service.  We only hire professional cleaners for the cleaning needed to restore the unit to a condition which we are proud to show the unit to.  

  • We will conduct a FINAL move out inspection after all furnishings have been removed, all CLEANING HAS BEEN COMPLETED, and the all keys are returned to the property manager.

  • You must provide the property manager with a complete forwarding address so that we can send you the security deposit.

  • After the unit is vacated, we will schedule any necessary repairs and cleaning.  Once these have been completed we will draft an invoice for the services required (if any) and deduct the cost from your security deposit.

  • You will receive the refund of your security deposit minus the cost of repair and cleaning (if any) along with an itemized invoice no later then twenty-one days after the unit is vacated.

  • Tenants are not permitted back on the property after vacating.

  • For additional information please refer to the 'Refunds of Security Deposits' Information provided by the  California Department of Consumer Affairs.