Current Construction Projects

680 Aileen St.​ Oakland

Eathquake retrofit of a North Oakland 1912 Victorian Duplex.   Original  foundation was starting to rotate and crack under the load of the building.  Replacement and retrofit involves:

  • Shoring structure in place completed by Roger's House Moving.

  • Replacement of original 100 year old, unreinforced concrete foundation.  

  • New mudsills bolted to the foundation with 5/8" j-bolts and bearing plates.

  • New cripple wall framing with plywood for added shear strength.

  • New water-table and lower siding.

  • Replacement of the uneven and hazardous sidewalk and drive-way surfaces.

3208 MLK Jr. Way Oakland


Two-unit 4000sq' live/work conversion from existing commercial space designed by acclaimed Oakland Live/Work architect, Thomas Dolan, with engineering completed by Smith Engineering Inc.  Project to include:

  • New facade with exposed steel moment frame and clerestory windows to echo the original design re-imagined with a modern industrial finish.

  • New facade structure to contain enclosed and secure front porch areas.

  • Addition of 450sq' mezzanine to each unit.

  • Front structure to be re-built from the ground-up.

  • Rear CMU block structure to be saved, utilizing the original truss ceiling framing for an open high-ceiling work area.

  • The original 1920s V-Rustic Siding removed from the front structure and safely stored will be re-purposed as interior wall finish.

  • no off-street parking.

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