Employment (We're Hiring)

As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the passage of the Fair Housing Act we stand committed against housing discrimination.


Oaktown Properties has been remodeling houses and building new ones in Oakland for over a decade.  We are a small company which cares about having a safe and happy work environment. We love building and take great pride in the craftsmanship of our finished projects.   The care we put into our work can be seen in the finished product as it stands the test of time enduring the demands of rental housing.We have a workshop and contractor yard in West Oakland where we do lots of custom metal work and carpentry. We are looking for a full-time local carpenter with a great attitude and a variety of skills to join us in the joys and challenges of home building.

**** Carpenter Job Opening **** 
  • 5 years carpentry experience.

  • Must have working knowledge of multiple phases of construction including foundation, framing, exterior, doors, windows, interior finish, decks, etc.

  • Candidate must have valid drivers license and ability to show up to work on-time daily.

  • Ability to maintain a consistent 40 hour work week.

  • see listing on Indeed.com

  • to apply please contact us here.

 Positive Workplace 
  • We maintain a positive atmosphere within the workplace and do not tolerate any kind of abusive or offensive behavior.

  • We employ and rent to people from all different backgrounds and we have zero tolerance for discrimination.

  • We hold weekly safety meetings to mitigate against accidents and we adhere to OSHA best practices for a safe workplace.

  • Our job and the workplace are constantly changing as we do projects around Oakland.  We perform a wide variety of construction and maintenance work as we tackle a mix of local redevelopment projects.  

  • We are constantly learning new skills and using new tools and materials as technology advances and the construction industry adopts new methods.

  • We have our own workshop in West Oakland where we fabricate and weld custom metal projects and make custom cabinetry.  We encourage our employees to use the workshop and our wide assortment of tools for personal projects.

  • We always have coffee, fruits, and snacks for break time enjoyment.

 Employment Benefits 
  • We pay our employees a living wage well above the City of Oakland minimum wage. 

  • Bonuses! Summertime Bonus, Holiday Season Bonus, and a Bonus every time we finish a project.

  • Free monthly unlimited T-Mobile phone/internet service on the company's business account.

  • We offer very flexible work schedules

  • 10 days paid vacation and 9 days paid sick leave are offered annually.

  • We pay over-time and if you work on Saturdays, we buy lunch for everyone.

  • We offer a work wear allowance.

  • We pay for classes if you choose to improve your job related skills.