The best way to prevent armies of ants marching into your kitchen is by keeping the kitchen clean and all food put away in sealed containers. To combat the ants we recommend putting Terro liquid ant bait stations outside where the ants are entering the house, as per directions.

Appliance Repair

When you receive a quote to repair an appliance, please confirm with property management before proceeding with the repair. The cost of the visit and the repair may be deducted from your next rent payment. When deducting the cost of the repair from your rent, please make sure to include the REPAIR INVOICE.


Carbon Monoxide Detector

If the detector is not working or beeping, please send us a maintenance request promptly and we will replace the unit with a new one.


If you notice cockroaches in your property, please let us know immediately.  It is much easier to stop a roach infestation early.  We will schedule an exterminator once your request is received.



If the pilot light is out on your furnace, please call PG&E at  1-800-743-5000; they will send a technician to re-light any gas appliance free of charge.

Furnace Filter

If your unit has a central heating system then it is your responsibility to change the furnace filters once a year.  A clean filter will help the furnace run more efficiently.  The filter is located in the large cold air return grill.  Remove the old filter and take it to your local hardware store to purchase a replacement of the same size. 


Garbage Disposal

NEVER, EVER insert your unprotected hand into the garbage disposal while it is plugged-in. Please refer to these helpful guides for Proper Garbage Disposal Usage and  Garbage Disposal Do's & Don'ts. If the garbage disposal unit is not working properly please take a look the following troubleshooting procedures listed in this helpful guide before submitting a maintenance request. Please also note that there should be a hex key under the sink attached with a string to your garbage disposal unit which can be used to turn the unit manually.

GFCI Outlets

If the kitchen or bathroom outlet is not working, it is probably because the outlet breaker has been tripped. Engage the breaker by pushing on the 'RESET' button in the middle of the outlet. A green LED light will turn-on when the outlet is active. You can get more detailed information about GFCI outlets at



If you have lost your keys or are locked-out of your unit, we may be able to help you during normal business hours (8:00am-4:30pm M-F). Please call/txt a property manager at 510.214.3704. If this happens after hours you will need to contact a local locksmith.


If you notice a leak coming from a fixture or appliance it is important to immediately shut-off the water supply by turning the shut-off valve clockwise to the off position, see instructions here.  If a leak is noticed anywhere in your unit, please send us a maintenance request​ immediately.


Light Bulbs

Tenants are responsible for replacing light bulbs when they burn-out.  We recommend that you only use LED lightbulbs. They will save energy and last much longer than incandescent or fluorescent equivalent bulbs.


Our standard interior paint color ( 'Pressed Linen' Interior Semi-Gloss ) can be purchased at Kelly Moore Paints.  If you need to do some touch-up, we will send you a half-pint with a few brushes free of charge upon request.



If your bathtub or sink is not draining properly, please try using drano or equivalent drain cleaner product before submitting a maintenance request.


If your refrigerator requires service, please call General Refrigeration Services 510.652.1302 to schedule a service appointment. 


Smoke & CO Detector

If the smoke or Carbon Monoxide detector is beeping or does not respond when the test button is pressed, please send us a maintenance request​ promptly. You are prohibited from removing or disabling the smoke & CO detectors in your unit. These devices are critical occupant safety components and when working property can save your life in the even of a fire.


If your stove requires service, please call B.A APPLIANCE REPAIR 510.701.3638 to schedule a service appointment. 



Please program your thermostat to heat your home to a comfortable range in accordance with your daily schedule. A property programmed thermostat can save you lots of money on your utility bill monthly. If a thermostat manual was not included in your unit you should google the brand and model number or contact property management to get a copy of manual. If a thermostat is not working, please try changing the battery first before submitting a maintenance request

Water Heater

If the pilot light is out on your water heater you may follow the instruction to re-light the unit or you can call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000; they will send a technician to re-light any gas appliance free of charge. If your water heater is leaking please send us a maintenance request​ immediately. If the water heater is working but the water is not as hot as you would like, you can try turning the control knob on the water heater to a hotter setting.



If a window has been broken, we recommend calling Russo Glass Co. for repair.  If a window screen has been torn or broken, most neighborhood Ace hardware stores will be able to re-screen or replace it.